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ComidasAs important as a walk to a park , visits to tourist and cultural sites or malls and shops , the right choice of restaurants and spends part , increasingly , the design of a perfect trip .
Choosing the right restaurant, the ideal meal, the most appropriate time according to your taste has been critical to the success of a trip .
In any city in the world , one finds a huge variety of flavors , typical foods , snacks , sophisticated , etc. giving the traveler the opportunity to discover and enjoy fantastic locations and can also become one of the unforgettable moments of your trip .
In addition to presenting numerous restaurants and food around the world , The Personal Travel ranked according to our experience , the food , the ambiance and the prices at hundreds of stores .
Average grades 1-10 will be given and we invite everyone they know or will know the rated restaurants , delightful to participate in this debate. Join our forum , participate in this poll and add your experiences .
After all , one of the great pleasures of life can never be ignored!

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